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Our Services

We offer a wide arrange of contracting services. See our resume of our background to see what we do we offer wet basement repair, including:

Currently we are specializing in concrete cement repairs-waterstopping & foundation-wet basement solutions.
We also specialize in:

Basement leak-wet floor solutions-french drain-drains-sump-sump pits-sump pumps
Watermain and sewer replacement
Wet Basement-Water Stopping Solutions
Crack Foundation Injection - Interior
French Drains
Trench Drain-grated trench drains
Exterior & Interior waterproofing membranes
Weeping Tile Drainage
Minor Concrete fill ins-repairs like broken foundation corners

Some of Brochures of products we use:
Note: We will use any products that you like also !

Weldbond adhesive for cement projects
Insulating Concrete Forming (ICF icf ) How to video
TJI Silent Floor/Engineered Spans
our Plumber-plumbing related company




fix wet basement floor - cracked foundation wall - water in basement
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